Sunday, September 21, 2008

Booked out

I found this a very interesting and fun exercise. I enjoyed learning about e-books, their advantages and disadvantages and the enormity and complexity of the Google Book Search project. I was interested to learn about e-book readers and their features, Project Gutenburg, Proofreaders and Librivox audiobooks. In Google Book Search I searched 'Linguistics' from the non fiction list, searched for a particular title but failed to find. Next I searched 'Vanity Fair' and found the 'Bedford-row Conspiracy'. When I selected 'Fiction' a list of classics appeared, the first 30 of which were recent editions with limited preview. When I clicked 'Full view only', I found 'Frankenstein' in the Bodleian Library, pub. 1823. I searched 'Pride and Prejudice', clicked 'Find this book in a library' and found a copy at Santa Monica Public Library which was published 1813 and digitised 2007. They had book, cassette, CD and sound recording formats. I discovered I could save it, add to it, share it, search in it, preview it, review it, edit it, tag it, read it, borrow it, buy it. I could view the Popular passages, read the reviews, check the References from the Web page, find other editions and read references from Scholarly works... Whew! Then there was the 'Show more' at the bottom of the screen!
When I searched libraries that owned 'just this edition' of 'Pride and Prejudice' I found one in Darwin.
I also perused some interesting manuscripts in the Bodleian Library.
After just learning about Podcasts, I was interested to see that Santa Monica Library offers an Online Fact-filled tour and a virtual tour of their award winning Main Library.

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Biblio Chick said...

I just knew you would be an e-book fan! Yes! When we are "old and grey and full of sleep" (in 50 years time) we will plug ourselves into our favourite e-book and YouTube sites and download our old favourites directly into our brains, where all the ghosts of times past will frolic happily in our hearts and minds along the cyberpath to eternity. What a way to go!