Friday, September 19, 2008

A "broad"casting

I have watched most of the suggested YouTube library videos which were of varying quality. However I think videos on a library website would be an interesting and compelling way to increase patron numbers. With further refinement, any of the better ones would make far greater impact than those seen on our TV screens in the last 2 years. The best of these YouTube library videos are direct, to the point and the message clearly delivered. They could be applied to library websites as guidance around the catalogue (or library), there could be a fun one for children, a reference one and one about all the good things a patron can experience from owning a library card.
The video I have chosen for your entertainment is a musical one I have enjoyed many times and saved to my favourites.


Biblio Chick said...

iuldzOh happy day - "broad" casting - how wide can one cast one's net on the net??? Clever you to upload Andre! I really am considering getting Broadband just to speed things up now that there is so much to explore. Missing our early morning routines - see you next Sunday, unless this antibiotic also doesn't do the trick. I'm taking my frustrations out on the Web which is actually a very fine companion when on isn't feeling well - can mope around it and curse it and call it stupid without usetting its applecart in any way. Much more sensible and composed than us humans. Maybe computers will replace humans - now THAT could just regain paradise!

Biblio Chick said...

See what I mean - I've just yelled at it because once again a gremlin has crept in when publishing the comment and it didn't bat an electronic eyelash, just stared back idiotically and inigmatically!