Friday, September 19, 2008

Tuning in

I became really frustrated searching for podcasts - some I opened and found nothing there, others failed to load, some were very slow to load and even my computer turned itself off in disgust. I tried "St Georges Independent Schools" in Memphis and tried to find the Rosa Parks podcast but couldn't, also tried searching podcast "Ancient China comes to 21st Century" but had more success with EPN (Education Podcast Network). Watched the Commoncraft video on and searched 'libraries'which connected me to where I searched book review podcasts. In Podnova Part I of Tess Gerritsen didn't load. The Nashville Library Podcast on "Libraries in the 21st Century" was left for 15 minutes and still didn't load. I did however find it again later, found it had an RSS feed so chose it for my exercise.


Biblio Chick said...

I'm still tying to tune in to Andre, but it is taking too long so am tuning out! Cheers with love, BC

NSL Learning 2.0 team said...

Podcasts can be a bit tricky. Some need specific podcathers to play and the files tend to be large which takes a long time to download. At least you could subscribe to a podcast, so, well done!